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De' pastry school offers a range of pastry and baking courses.The syllabus has been developed carefully to give maximum knowledge and skill required in modern baking for beginners , bakers, entrepreneurs and passionate.We are the first private institution giving lessons on baking cakes,bread,chocolate cookies including practicals with industrial and domestic standards in Kerala. Interactive sessions with commercial bakers in different regions enable our team to evaluate the baking trend in the cities. Periodical survey conducted for the last 3 years about baking and bakers challenges help us to weigh up the market situation. De' pastry School has taken up the responsibility to provide a platform in providing the right knowledge and skill in modern baking industry. We insist all bakers should attain minimum education about baking before they take up this profession.



  1. Short term courses.
  2. Certificate in bakery and pastry arts
  1. Certificate in cake baking
  2. Certificate in bread making.



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Depastry school offers a range of Baking Programs!

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Intensive Cake Baking Workshop
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French Macarons Workshop
Come & learn the secret of making this little beauties on 6th & 7th OCT.Limited seats ONLY...

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